At Double Clutch our beers are inspired by the long traditions and passions of German brewing.  The Bavarians so believed in the purity of their ingredients that they passed a purity law in 1516, the Reinheitsgebot.  We too believe that quality beers require quality ingredients.  We use only the finest malts and noble hops from Europe combined with purified Lake Michigan water. 

Kölsch  4.5% abv

Our Kölsch is a crisp, light version of the best ales of Cologne.  A well-balanced blend of select German malts, noble hops and top fermenting yeast give this beer a light-golden color.  Its slightly fruity character is sometimes compared to the Riesling wines of Germany.

Helles Lager  5.1% abv

Our Helles Lager is inspired by the malt forward beers of Munich.  This well-balanced beer offers the subtle aroma of the Hallertau hops of Bavaria with a touch of sweetness from Munich’s finest malt.  Six weeks of cold conditioning gives this beer its bright, clean drinkability.  The result is a refreshing golden lager for a sunny afternoon Bier Garten.

Altbier  4.7% abv

Our medium-bodied, amber colored Altbier is inspired by the malty ales of Dusseldorf.  While the rest of Europe moved towards light Pilsners in the nineteenth century, the brewers of Dusseldorf focused on the traditional techniques of darker malts to make an “old beer” ale.

Pilsner  5.2% abv

Our northern German variation of this popular style showcases the noble hops of Germany and the Czech Republic.  Germany’s finest Pilsner malt gives a nice bready backbone to balance an abundant amount of hops.  With less body than its Czech cousin, this refreshing beer really lets the hops come forward.

Hefeweizen 5.4% abv

Our effervescent, hazy wheat beer is inspired by the finest examples in Munich.  With notes of banana and clove this tangy and refreshing beer will quench any thirst.

Rauchbier Helles Lager  5.1% abv

Our smoked Lager is inspired by the malt forward beers of Bamberg.  No single moment in Germany had more impact on me as a brewer than drinking beer straight from the barrel at Aecht Schlenkerla in Bamberg.  The malt is dried over Beechwood smoke, giving the beer its unique flavor.  Balanced with the noble hops of Franconia, this beer is a unique pleasure.

Maibock 6.5% abv

Our medium-bodied "strong" pale lager is named after the month of May. It is Bavaria's traditional beer for welcoming the warmer days of spring. With generous additions of Munich and Vienna malts, this rich lager will thaw your soul and put a smile on your face.

Little Juice Coupe 5.7% abv

Our take on this classic New England style focuses more on the juiciness and leaves the bitterness behind. Absurd amounts of Azacca, Mosaic, and Citra hops give this IPA a refreshing, fruity character.

Piwo Grodziske 3.2% abv

This mysterious Polish style was nearly extinct until interest spiked in the 21st century. Made entirely from wheat malt with a subtle hint of oak smoke, this effervescent beer was sometimes called "Polish Champagne."

Schwarzbier 4.7% abv

Our medium-bodied "black beer" gets its name from its almost opaque darkness. While showcasing heavily roasted malts with a hint of chocolatey sweetness, it finishes dry on the palate. This lager is surprisingly refreshing given its extremely dark color.

Smooth Alternator 7.2% abv

Our rich and malty, full-bodied lager honors the traditional "double strong" beers of Bavaria. Originally brewed by Benedictine monks, this "liquid bread" helped them through the long fasting period of Lent. Thirteen weeks of conditioning gives this lager its smooth finish. 

Shandy Pants Lemon-Ale - 4.6% abv

Our summer lemon-ale adds a touch of grapefruit and lime to accentuate that refreshing lemon flavor. Crisp and light, it’s a perfect refreshment for a day at the beach!