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Craft Beer

At Double Clutch our beers are inspired by the long traditions and passions of German brewing.  The Bavarians so believed in the purity of their ingredients that they passed a purity law in 1516, the Reinheitsgebot.  We too believe that quality beers require quality ingredients.  We use only the finest malts and noble hops from Europe combined with purified Lake Michigan water.  Check out what's currently on tap or view all our beers!

Lunch & Dinner

Taste your way through our delicious and handcrafted menu, carefully curated with your taste buds in mind. 



S AT U R DAY - S U N DAY   |   1 1 A M - 2 PM



 $5.00 DCBC drafts 

MONDAY - FRIDAY  |   3 P M - 5 PM


A 2.5% charge is added to all checks to help fund programs such as health insurance, 401(k) and other fringe benefits provided to our employees.
This charge is not mandatory and can be removed upon your request.
We thank you for supporting a healthier & happier restaurant staff.

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